Bathroom Vanity Mirrors can Change the Look of Your Space

A bathroom is a place that most people spend more time in that they would care to admit. Between showering, going to the bathroom and shaving or putting on makeup, this is a space that gets a lot of traffic. The larger the family, the more traffic a bathroom will get. That’s why many people go to great lengths to create a space that is beautiful and comfortable to be in. From the bathroom vanity mirrors to the tile used in the shower, there are some bathrooms that would fit right into the Taj Mahal.

Choosing the Right Vanity

A vanity needs to be the right height for those that use the bathroom. While it’s true that the standard height for a bathroom vanity is about 33″, this isn’t the only thing to consider. If someone wants a thicker material for the countertop, for example, then they’ll want a vanity that is shorter so that the total height isn’t too high. Also, if someone chooses a sink that sits on top of the vanity, rather than in it, then a lower vanity will be necessary to make the sink accessible.

Choosing the Right Mirror

Choosing the right bathroom vanity mirror may be a little more complex than it may seem. For example, the height and width of the mirror are important. In most cases, choosing a mirror no wider than the associated vanity is preferred, but some people go wider.

For the height, it will be necessary to consider where the lights might be in the bathroom so the mirror doesn’t interfere with them. Many people want a mirror that is tall enough to see from the waist up, but many bathrooms can’t accommodate this.

Another thing to consider is whether to have the mirror framed. Framing a mirror isn’t necessary, but it can add a whole new dynamic to a bathroom design. Because frames can be very modern to incredibly ornate, they can fit into any style a person wants. It’s important to keep in mind that framing a mirror can be expensive, especially if it’s a large one.

Changing the entire look of a bathroom can be accomplished with something as simple as changing out the vanity and the mirror. If you’re not sure what you want to do, there are many great websites dedicated to helping you choose the right options for your bathroom.